WDC-MARE Reports

Scope of the Reports

The WDC-MARE Reports aim is to publish scientific results as provided through the data management units of research institutes and projects. These scientific results comprise collections and compilations of data accompanied by their describing meta-information as well as technical notes. Usually the reports are accompanied by a CD-ROM/DVD that contains the project related data sets in a consistent technical ASCII-format. The content of the medium represents the information as stored in the information system PANGAEA at the time of publication. WDC-MARE Reports appear in irregular intervals.

ISSN 1611-6577 (print version), ISSN 1862-4022 (Internet version)

Access information

The WDC-MARE Reports are published according to the "Budapest Open Access Initiative" and are freely available on the Internet.

The reports have an international distribution, available through libraries with a scope on marine research literature. Additional paper/CD copies are available from the editor:

Hannes Grobe, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, 27515 Bremerhaven, Germany, Phone: +49 471 4831 1220, Fax: +49 471 4831 1923, e-mail: hgrobe@wdc-mare.org.

All data published on CD/DVD are also available online from the PANGAEA information system. Issues of the reports in pdf-format and the CD content as iso-image may be downloaded from the following table.

ReportProjectPDFISO imageCover
0001/2005SFB313hdl:10013/epic.24266106 MBCover of WDC Report 0001/2005
0002/2005ORFOIShdl:10013/epic.24267506 MBCover of WDC Report 0002/2005
0003/2005JGOFShdl:10013/epic.24268607 MBCover of WDC Report 0003/2005
0004/2006PS_METhdl:10013/epic.26237562 MBCover of WDC Report 0004/2006
0005/2007PS_HYDROhdl:10013/epic.30213665 MBCover of WDC Report 0005/2007
0006/2008Meteor (1964)hdl:10013/epic.30578143 MBCover of WDC Report 0006/2008
0007/2008GLOBEC-Germanyhdl:10013/epic.32135183 MBCover of WDC Report 0007/2008
0008/2010IPY-1hdl:10013/epic.34148703 MBCover of WDC Report 0008/2010