Kurile Okhotsk Sea Marine Experiment

Homepage: http://www.geomar.de/projekte/komex/

Funding organisation: BMBF

Type: Joint Project (JP)

Runtime: 1998-2004

Coordination: Reinhard Werner, IFM-Geomar, Kiel

Data curator: Nicole Biebow, AWI, Bremerhaven

KOMEX data sets, archived in the data library PANGAEA®

Project summary

KOMEX is a joint project of German and Russian scientist representing various earth science disciplines. The area of investigation is the Sea of Okhotsk and the surrounding environment which constitute a climate-controlling ecosystem of global importance, beeing a significant source region for the input of methane into the atmosphere and its water-mass formation as part of the Pacific Ocean.

Data archiving at WDC-MARE

Data management was carried out at GEOMAR; most of the data were made available via the data library PANGAEA®.

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