Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas


Funding organisation: EU (GOCE-CT-2005-511234-1)

Type: Integrated project (IP)

Runtime: 2005-2009

Coordination: Phil Weaver, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Data curator: Ingo Schewe AWI & Veit Hühnerbach NOCS

HERMES data sets, archived in the data library PANGAEA®

Project summary

HERMES is a multidisciplinary research programme investigating Europe's deep marine ecosystems and their environment. Study sites extend from the Arctic to the Black Sea and include biodiversity hotspots such as cold seeps, cold-water coral mounds and reefs, canyons and anoxic environments, and communities found on open slopes.

Data archiving at WDC-MARE

Data management is carried out at NOCS (Geoscience) and AWI (Biology) under the supervision of the steering commitee, the project office and the data librarian of the data library PANGAEA. Objective of the IP is also to integrate all existing data from those regions of interest in the HERMES data archive. Compilation of data is concentrating in particular on projects of the EU funded OMARC cluster (Ocean Margin Deep-Water Research Consortium).

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